Tag: Tips For How To Get Laid In Las Vegas

Tips For How To Get Laid In Las Vegas

There are many reasons why people visit Las Vegas, for instance, entertainment and to try their luck at the tables but the major reason why people come to Las Vegas is to hook up. The good thing in Las Vegas, factors such as your sex or age does not affect whether you get laid or not, what matters is whether you know to do it right or not and that is why Las Vegas has always been a great place to get some action for everyone. So in this article, we shall discuss the tips to help you get laid in Las Vegas. Book a Hotel with Great Reputation and Logistics I bet you will agree with me a good game goes hand in hand with great logistics, which means for you to have a great time in Las Vegas you have to book a good hotel that is not far from the best hotel bars. The fact is, in case you are staying in a shit room about 80 percent of the girls will not be willing to go home with you after-party, but if you are staying at an MGM Grand you can be sure to have fun with girls after the party. Pre-stock Your Room with Condoms, Mixers, and Alcohol Missing alcohol is one reason why most people get cockblocked even after getting a hot girl to their room. Alcohol and mixers are two things that perfectly quiet a girl’s hamster. You do not have to spend a lot of money, all you need is a bottle of whiskey, vodka and of course some coke and spirit. After buying all the drinks do not forget the condoms since you may spoil the fun after she asks you for one then you start running down the stairs to get the condoms and that will completely kill the mood. Avoid Packs Of Dudes You do not have to roll with a pack of dudes, just have one decent and good wingman. The only time you can roll with a pack of dudes is when all of you are able to spend thousands at an expensive club. The advantage of table hopping and rolling with one wingman is you get to become friends with guys who have bottles on the table and within no time they start attracting girls, this way you will get a chance to take one that is interested in your home without having to spend too much. Keep Your Vibe Fun and Light Unless someone is a business person or a pro gambler, they are there to have fun, so you have to seem like a person who knows how to have a good time by putting on a smile and lightening up. You do not want the girls to avoid you like the bubonic plague just because you are slouched at a corner of a club and your face has a morose look. When having a conversation with a hot girl always stay off from serious topics, just try to make a connection with the girl by looking for similarities between the two of you. It is easier to build a rapport with a hot girl and make her comfortable while hanging out with you by presenting yourself as one of her own kind. Refrain from Working a Resistant Girl for Hours The reason why getting a one-night stand in Las Vegas is very easy is that there is a wide variety of clubs, lounges, and bars which brings around thousands of girls who are all ready to have fun. In case you spot a nice girl but after some time you realize she isn’t ready to hang out without her friends, then you have to start considering your options. The fact about Las Vegas is that there are thousands of hot girls who get in the city to party and have good sex, meaning, they are ready to open their legs for you, so don’t waste your time with a girl who ain’t ready for that, just have fun with the girl who is ready for it. Don’t Get Drunk too Early One thing that is very tempting while in Las Vegas is drinking all day long, however, it is recommendable to avoid doing so since you will miss out on the best-looking fish. Hook-up time is usually at late-night so in case you will have passed out by 10 pm, you will be missing out on the most precious time. Also, be active in attending the day events such as pool parties and other social events since Vegas is not like most cities, you can get a hook up even on a weekday. and remember each time you get a chance just blow her mind.

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